These sleek embossed Shutiq shoes featuring modern eyelets are wardrobe essentials for every man and women, ideal for work and weekend brunch. They are rendered as one of the best indicator of your sense of style and deliver a significant fashion statement. Shoes has evolved from being an item of necessity to an item of luxury. Shutiq fulfills your desire for unique and individual identity with its exclusive embossed collection.

Casual shoes are designed and intended to convey an attitude of informality and relaxation. Casual shoes range from flip-flops to sneakers and slip-ons. However, Shutiq's casuals are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Choose from a range of exclusive and elegant designs to brighten up your outfit. The slip-on shoes for men are available in various colors and materials with intricate Anchor & Cordage embroidery styles on the top.

Shutiq's in house designers possess the art of creating shoes to offer the finest and most stunning pair for you. The craft of shoe designing by our craftsmen is influenced from the renowned design institutes of Milan and Italy. We desire to offer a beautifully designed pair of handmade shoes adding a touch of exclusivity.

Stride in style with Shutiq's embossed designer shoes!!