Nothing makes us more happier than a pair of good shoes. Proper footwear not only adds attractiveness to your physical appearance but also make a personal style statement.

Slip-on shoes for men have now become an item of necessity from an item of luxury. Shutiq, an outstanding multi-purpose bespoke brand endeavors to serve both men and women keeping in mind the current trends along with most of their preferences. Its 'adorned' category is surely a head turner, with the brightest of colors and the finest of materials. As the name suggests, this collection will adorn your personality with style and exclusivity.

However, besides the attractive and captivating collection, you can also design your own shoes bringing your imagination to reality in the best possible way with Shutiq. This category considers the significance and transformative capacity of shoes and showcases the latest developments in footwear technology creating the possibility of the best design and dramatic shapes.

At Shutiq, we understand and believe that a gentlemen's first impression is judged by his shoes and we give you all the reasons to put your best foot forward.

Remember, every outfit fabricates style and the shoes you pair up with play a significant role.

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