Limited edition products introduce creativity and drives desire - adding new energy and desirability in customers. It also helps a brand create immediate excitement for short term and in the long term, build a future. Our limited edition shows a different side of our brand aligning with the customer needs. It is our way to take a moment to free ourselves from our everyday collection and connect with the consumers in a new and exciting way. This collection is a sure fire way to create visibility, elegant collection and desire for brands.

As a person who likes to wear high-end shoes, Shutiq's limited edition collection is exactly what one would want. Embroidered with black and golden beads or burnt gold dabka, with colourful flowers or metallic zardozi, Shutiq's limited edition collection for loafers for men is sure to draw eyes from across the room. Our limited edition collection is of a higher and eye-catching quality making our bespoke shoes more enticing and creating demand through exclusivity.

Shutiq's Limited Edition Products are hot commodities in the fashion world and by buying a pair of these limited edition slip-on shoes, you will see a surge in your fashion style.